More than a thousand criminals hired to fight in Ukraine PMC Wagner

Criminals are hired to fight in Ukraine
Читати українською

Russia is looking for soldiers for the war in Ukraine among the killers in Russian prisons.

The private Russian military company Wagner recruited more than a thousand prisoners from 17 Russian colonies to be sent to the front. This is reported by the Russian edition of Layout, reports The Insider.

The publication writes that about 680 people were recruited in the Yaroslavl region, another 400 - in the colonies of the Ryazan region.

270 people expressed their desire to go to the front in colony No. 5 in the Tula region and about 250 people in the colony in the Arkhangelsk region, 130 people in Komi, at least 72 people in the Pskov region and at least 40 people in colony No. 7 in St. Petersburg, reports edition.

The fact that soldiers are recruited among criminals, they told reporters themselves. According to them, for training they were given a separate colony, where training lasts about 20 hours a day. They have 4 more hours to sleep. They are also tested on a polygraph. The main question is whether they will want to escape to Ukraine.

It is also known that preference is given to those who are serving time for murder.

The first group of such fighters is planned to be sent to Ukraine on July 20.

Prisoners are promised to be paid about 200,000 rubles a month in salaries, and they are also offered sick pay in case of injury in the amount of 300,000 rubles and 5 million rubles in case of death at the front. If they hold out at the front for six months, they are promised an amnesty.

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