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10:26, 26.05.2023

Ukrainian air defence managed to shoot down 10 cruise missiles, 23 Shaheeds and two reconnaissance UAVs.

This was reported by the Air Force Command's press service on social media.

On the night of 26 May, Russia attacked Ukrainian territory. The enemy fired 17 missiles of various types and 31 kamikaze drones.

Ukrainian air defence shot down 10 cruise missiles, 23 Shakeda and two reconnaissance UAVs.

Another night attack by the Russian occupiers began late last night at 22:00 on 25 May and lasted until 5:00 on 26 May. This time, the enemy shifted the direction of the strike to the east, attacking critical infrastructure and facilities of the Ukrainian Defence Forces.

The sounds of explosions were heard in various Ukrainian cities. This included Kyiv. Air defence was working.

Here, debris from an enemy missile damaged the roof of a shopping and entertainment centre in the Obolonskiy district, while in the Shevchenkivskiy district debris hit a private house.

The head of the Kyiv city military administration, Sergey Popko, commented on the situation on Telegram.

As a result of the fall of debris in the Obolonsky district, damage to the roof of one of the shopping and entertainment centres was recorded, without fire or critical damage. Separate fragments fell on the territory of the shopping centre.

Vehicles in one of the car parks were also damaged.

According to preliminary information from Popk, there were no casualties, the information is being clarified.

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Artur Zayonts

Artur Zayonts specialises in news from the frontline. A historian by education, Arthur has always sought to bring depth and context to his journalistic work.