10 new services will appear in "Diа"

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State application "Diya" can acquire 10 new services
Mikhail Fedorov Telegram

Among other things, there may appear an electronic pension certificate and a residence permit

The Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov wrote about this in his telegram channel.

Fedorov said the new features could be rolled out within a month. Some are currently in beta testing.

Electronic pension certificate and residence permit - in beta test this week. Next in line is the testing of war bonds and the first services of the E-Notary.

Soon we are restoring the "data sheet sharing" application. You can again share a document with a loved one who uses your car in a few clicks. Let me remind you that we launched this service at Diia Summit in February, but because of the war, the wars were forced to temporarily stop its work,” Fedorov said.

He promised to inform about all the innovations in addition.

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