During the occupation of Yampol, Russian soldiers ate all the animals in the local zoo

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Russian soldiers eat all zoo animals during occupation of Yampol in Donetsk region

The occupiers ate bison, deer and ostrich.

The Russian military have starved wolves and a camel in addition to eating animals, the Vostochnyy Vyborat newspaper has reported.

Volunteer Vitaliy from VETMARKET Pluriton, which helps war-affected animals, said:

"We were given the number of the director of the leskhoz. We called him and he assured us that not all animals had had time to evacuate and started asking us: 'Where were you before?' We replied that we could not evacuate animals from all zoos in a row. But he said that the animals were fine, that they were released and fed by locals and given shelter, so we kept going to Liman because the situation there was terrible. The animals in Liman were rallying and were willing to jump on people from hunger.

According to residents, there were many deaths during the evacuation, animals were running around the village and being fed by locals. When the Russians occupied the entire zoo, they began to eat the animals.

Volunteer Vitaly said:

Many animals were eaten by orcs. Locals said that they ate kangaroos, we have not found bones yet because there are so many of them, they are scattered all over the zoo. There was a bison, it was running around the village and then it was killed and eaten. Several donkeys, ostriches were eaten. Someone ran away, ponies are now running around the territory, we are engaged in their evacuation.

Vitaliy shared details of the occupants' atrocities towards wolves:

Terrible situation with wolves. People say that they were tame. They died holding their empty bowls in their paws, in closed enclosures. We found only skeletons. They were closed and covered with nets, we had to break the lock.

Now a team of volunteers is gathering materials to apply to law enforcement agencies in Ukraine.

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