In Ukraine, predicted the timing of accession to the EU

In Ukraine, called the terms of entry into the European Union
Читати українською

Ukraine plans to become part of the European Union in record time.

According to Olha Stefanyshina, Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine, Ukraine's path to the EU will not be so long. According to her forecasts, our country will be able to become a full member of the organization in five years. She stated this on the air of " Ukrainian Radio ".

Our forecasts are quite ambitious. I don't want to talk about specific dates, because they depend not only on how prepared we are. This (the accession process - ed.) will take up to ten years, up to five years, - the minister answered the question about the timing of entry into the EU.

She stressed that Ukraine will not delay in completing the tasks that are necessary for membership.

We certainly will not allow the expansion process to be delayed. We have completed our part of the task, we will be able to move on to negotiations and politically join the EU in record time. Just like we became a candidate, - added Stefanishina.

Recall, Europe expects that Ukraine for EU membership will introduce new laws that reduce the excessive influence of the oligarchs and appoint senior officials to combat corruption.

The European Council granted Ukraine the status of a candidate for EU membership. This decision was unanimously supported by all EU leaders during the summit in Brussels on June 23.

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