Boat carrying tourists sinks in Croatia
Читати українською

The investigation suspects the guilt of the captain of the boat.

In Croatian Split, a tourist boat with fifty people on board crashed into the pier and sank. This was reported by the Balkan Observer .

The incident happened around 2:35 am. at that time, there were about 50 people on the boat, no one was injured, they managed to leave the ship.

It is noted that the 21-meter tourist boat "Morska vila" was under the control of a 44-year-old captain. It is known about him that he previously drove a car while intoxicated, thus committing a criminal offense - endangering traffic. This time, alcohol was also found in his blood. The other three crew members who passed the breathalyzer were sober. The captain is currently under criminal investigation by the Split police.

The investigation will establish whether there was anything else besides alcohol and the captain's misconduct that led to the flooding of the boat.

Split is located in the central part of the Croatian coast between Zadar and Dubrovnik, dividing Dalmatia into two parts. This is the second largest city in the country and is located on the Marjan peninsula, between the Kastela Bay and the Split Canal at the foot of the Mosor Mountains, 25 km from the airport.

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