The EU began work on the ninth package of sanctions

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EU is working on a new package of sanctions

This could include confiscation of assets in Russia and a ban on the sale of property.

This was reported by Radio Liberty's correspondent for Europe, Rickard Jozwiak, in his Twitter.

Work is already underway on a potential new package of EU sanctions against Russia. It could include confiscation of assets in Russia, a ban on the sale of property and other details that have been considered in previous rounds, — he said.

In addition, it is possible that Belarus will be added to this package of sanctions. Since there's no mention of it in the eighth package.

It is worth recalling that in early October, the eighth package of sanctions was approved by the European Union. The basis for this package was the introduction of oil price restrictions. Additional export restrictions were introduced to reduce Russia's access to military, industrial and technological goods, as well as its ability to develop the defense and security sector.

Additional import restrictions amounting to almost 7 billion euros were agreed upon. Restrictions were also imposed on financial and other business services and IT consulting.

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