The case of humanitarian aid: how the SBU and the National Police catch Ukrainian volunteers “hot”

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Security forces opened criminal cases against well-known volunteers

Ukrainian volunteers are accused of selling humanitarian aid for profit.

From the first day of the full-scale invasion of the Russian army into Ukraine, a volunteer movement has quickly developed in our country for the umpteenth time. And let's be honest, it would have been much more difficult for our defenders without this help.

And a few months ago, reports began to appear about how the police and the SBU accuse volunteers of selling humanitarian aid for personal gain. Of course, there are undoubtedly such facts. But lately, cases have been brought against well-known volunteers, people with a clean reputation. What is wrong with these accusations was investigated by Ukrayinska Pravda in the article “Test purchase. How cases for the “sale of humanitarian aid” became a trap for volunteers” on the example of several well-known people in Ukraine - Lviv artist Oles Dzindra, Odesa businessman Alexander Yakovenko, Olga Kosovan and Grigory Zelenyuk from Lutsk. All these people were "under the hood" of the security forces.

Oles Dzindra, for example, is accused of selling four cars.

His volunteer center, "Group 201," did not have a transparent scheme of work. So, someone collected money; someone went abroad for cars, and someone repaired them. On the last trip, this complex chain was decided to be lightened. Volunteers bought a batch of 4 cars in Slovenia at their own expense:

Because people want to touch cars, and this is unrealistic. They can't go and touch it, and we can't bring it back and return it. Therefore, we spent our money and got it, - Oles Dzindra told the UE.

Law enforcement officers accused the volunteers of selling this particular batch.

What is wrong in criminal cases with humanitarian aid? The most exciting thing the UP journalists discovered was how the volunteers mentioned above were "caught in the act." Each time it was "caring" citizens who reported violations by law enforcement.

Citizens complained to law enforcement officers. And under their supervision, they helped to "expose" the alleged sale of humanitarian aid. Everything is according to the laws of the genre - such operations are called "control over the commission of a crime" in the language of the security forces. This is a legal method if the crime was not initially provoked; the security forces completely staged it. But in the stories of volunteers, in a strange way, all accusatory buyers have something in common, except for "indifference," writes Ukrayinska Pravda.

True, it turned out that these citizens had previously had problems with the law, debts, etc. It was not the first time some of them acted "not indifferent"; they had already helped the security forces.

The Lviv artist imported the last batch of cars as humanitarian aid - simply because it was easier to arrange it that way. Even though these were cars for specific customers, the money for the vehicles was paid by the volunteers themselves. But then Dzindra got a call from the "whistleblower" and began to assure that transport for the fighters was urgently needed.

Sergey convinced us that people were dying near Donetsk, - the artist recalls.

Ultimately, the volunteers decided to give away these cars, and the customer agreed to wait for a new batch. It is these cars that the SBU now interprets to Dzindra as “the sale of humanitarian aid.”

The volunteers fell for the bait of the security forces may be their inattention and the race of investigators for statistics. The Odessa businessman says he has already been hinted at a bribe to close the case. And in response to resistance, they "shake" the business with checks. These individual examples expose the massive shortcomings in the system, the hostages of which are volunteers, conclude Ukrayinska Pravda.

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