The price of bread may rise as early as October 1. Details

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Price increase for bread and bakery products expected in Ukraine

In Ukraine, bakeries can stop working if the government does not extend the preferential price for gas.

On September 30, the discounted gas price for Ukrainian bakers ends. About it writes

Now gas prices are about UAH 46-49 per cubic meter; a month ago, this figure was UAH 26-28, and the gas price forecast for October is in the range of UAH 55-60 per cubic meter. Under such conditions, the price of a loaf of bread will need to be increased by 3-4 hryvnias. This is essential for buyers, many of whom are now in much worse material conditions than at the beginning of the war,” said Yuriy Duchenko, First Vice President of the All-Ukrainian Association of Bakers.

Dyachenko said that today the baking industry, like other Ukrainian enterprises, is on the verge of survival: "to provide the population with bread as much as possible in the conditions of war, bakeries switched to products of a simple recipe with low added value."

Bakeries are not making money today, so any cost increase will affect the price in one way or another. At the same time, bakers mainly work on the terms of full prepayment for raw materials, energy carriers, and so on. They are also forced to agree on the price of products with retailers, - added Yuriy Dyachenko.

Yuri Duchenko made a pessimistic forecast.

During the war, many bakeries were destroyed or occupied. Thus, if the bakeries start to close, there may be interruptions in the supply of bread. In addition, many bakery workers will be out of work, Duchenko summed up.

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