Shmygal: After indexation, average pension is 5,200 hryvnias

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19:00, 28.03.2023

The indexation in March resulted in a 20% increase in pensions. And the average amount rose to 5,200 hryvnias.

This was announced by Prime Minister Denys Shmigal at a government meeting.

Following the indexation in March, pensions were increased by almost 20 per cent. The indexation affected 10.5 million Ukrainian pensioners. The average amount of the increase was about 600 hryvnia. Now the average pension in Ukraine is 5,200 hryvnyas," Shmigal said.

According to him, all pensions for March have been fully paid.

The prime minister also recalled that pensions for working pensioners will be indexed in April.

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Evgenia Ruban

Eugenia Ruban writes about political and economic news. She looks at large-scale phenomena in Ukrainian politics and economics from the perspective of how they will affect ordinary Ukrainians.

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