Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovoy urged city residents to stock up on firewood and potbelly stoves

The mayor of Lviv urged to prepare for a difficult winter
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The mayor of Lviv said that the city is preparing for unforeseen situations in winter.

The mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovyi, said that the city is already stocking up on potbelly stoves and firewood in unforeseen situations. He announced this in a video message.

We're probably in for a harsh winter. This is logical - there can be nothing simple in a country fighting for independence. But you must be ready for anything. We have a plan, and part of this plan is closed and is already being implemented, Sadovyi said.

Sadovyi spoke about the readiness of the city for winter and the work done.

We have already carried out all the relevant hydraulic tests this year, and all systems are completely ready. However, different anomalous situations are possible in Lviv. “Lvivvodokanal” built an alternative power supply system, and all pumping stations were working at the moment when the invaders hit three substations in the Lviv region,” Sadovoy reports.

Sadoviy also advised Lviv residents and residents of the region.

What should you have? No one has canceled the firewood yet. They always help in difficult times. The same coal... We must be ready. The mayor adds that we must have a supply of everything that we need to have in the first place.

Recall that the Kyiv City State Administration also told how Kyiv is preparing for winter.

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