What houses damaged by Russian shelling have been rebuilt in Kyiv

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Which houses have been completely rebuilt in Kyiv

A full-scale war with Russia has been going on for more than a year. In that time, the aggressor has inflicted multi-billion dollar damage and colossal destruction on Ukraine. And while rebuilding in war is an asterisk task, reconstruction continues. We have gathered examples of homes already resumed in the capital.

A total of 17 houses in Kyiv have suffered serious damage, 11 of which have already been repaired. The rest are planned to be renewed by mid-2023.
minor damage - broken windows or damaged balconies - in the capital has 356 residential buildings. Repair of 339 of them is also promised to be completed by mid-2023.

Many Kyivers remember that the house that first suffered from Russian shelling was a new building on Lobanovsky Avenue in Solomenskyi district. Then a video of a direct rocket "arrival" on 26 February went viral. The explosion destroyed several flats and flights in the entrance, with debris scattered tens of metres around. No residents were injured as people moved away or were in shelter.

The building has now been completely rebuilt.

Another building that suffered terrible damage is located on Irpenskaya Street.

It is a 10-storey building built in 1989. In particular, the façade, windows, roofing and entrances to entrances 3 and 4 were partially damaged. Individual flats on the 4th floor caught fire. The house literally cracked, Vitaliy Klitschko described the damage.

The tragedy occurred on 20 March 2022 and the multi-storey building was already repaired in November.

Residents of the damaged building on Chernobylska Street in the Svyatoshinsky district have also already returned to their rebuilt building, where 64 flats were completely burnt out and 62 were partially damaged in the aftermath of the Russian attack.

What houses damaged by Russian shelling have been rebuilt in Kyiv

The next house to be rebuilt in less than half a year after the destruction was the Obolon apartment block on Bogatyrska Street. This house was very badly damaged: 100 flats out of 144 were destroyed. Two wall panels of stairwells, a lift shaft, partially stairs and landing, partition walls, windows were blown out. And this is how it looks today.

What houses damaged by Russian shelling have been rebuilt in Kyiv

More restored homes can be shown to us at the Kyiv City Council.

As you can see, work has been done to restore the houses. And it's not just in the capital: construction work is also being carried out in the Kyiv region and in the regions

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