In the Crimea, for the first time, an air raid alert sounded. Explosions reported by locals

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On the night of August 18-19, the Crimean media reported on the sounds of an explosion in Sevastopol and Kerch

Residents of Crimea reported the sounds of an explosion near the Belbek and Kerch military airports.

On August 18, explosions were heard in Sevastopol near the Russian military airfield "Belbek." Residents of Kerch reported that on August 18, they heard loud sounds similar to explosions. Krym. Realii writes about this.

According to the report, several residents of Sevastopol and the Bakhchisaray district located near the city spoke about "sounds of explosions and shooting." All of them live a few kilometers from the Belbek military airfield, Krym.Realii reports.

Reuters reporter Felix Light, citing sources in the occupied Ukrainian Crimea, writes that at least four explosions sounded in the area of the Belbek airfield.

The head of the occupation authorities in Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, reported on Telegram about the "incident" in the Belbek area but said that the sounds of explosions were the result of the air defense that shot down the drone. According to Razvozhaev, no one was hurt, and there was no damage.

In Kerch, on the evening of August 18, residents of different regions of Kerch reported the sounds of an explosion. The occupation authorities announced the work of air defense.

Preliminary. Air defense systems worked in Kerch. There is no danger for the city and the bridge - Oleg Kryuchkov, "adviser to the head of Crimea."

There are no official comments from Ukraine at the moment.

List of "explosions" in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine on the night of August 18-19:

  • Airbase Belbek (Crimea), explosions;
  • Kerch. Explosions;

  • New Kakhovka. Point hits on the positions of the invaders;

Also, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reported that there was no way to check whether the Russian air defense shot down a Ukrainian drone and whether there was any drone in Kerch or Belbek.

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