Immigration to the UK soars to record levels

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Large numbers of migrants have flocked to the UK

There are many Ukrainians among those seeking asylum in Britain.

In a year, from June 2021 to June 2022, the difference between those who came to Britain and those who left the country was 504 thousand people. Experts point to the record figure and say that a significant proportion of migrants who seek shelter in the country are from Ukraine, the BBC wrote:

A third of the arrivals are Ukrainian citizens who left their homeland because of the Russian invasion

Britain's Office for National Statistics says the wave of migration has been influenced by the lifting of anti-covids restrictions and a corresponding spike in pandemic deferred arrivals, as well as the reception of refugees from Ukraine, Hong Kong and Afghanistan.

Experts point out that 89,000 people received British visas for the first months of the war in Ukraine alone, and that a total of 170,000 Ukrainians have entered Britain this year. They are expected to stay longer than 12 months, and so are included in estimates of long-term immigration.

Each Ukrainian on arrival in the UK under the Homes for Ukraine scheme receives a one-off payment of £200 from the local council. Landlords hosting Ukrainians can receive £350 per month for up to a year. Ukrainians must cover all costs.

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