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How many kindergartens operate in Kyiv under martial law

As of October 2022, 350 municipal pre-schools in Kiev were operating normally.

This is 65% of the total number of kindergartens in the capital - there are 542 in total. More than 30 thousand children are in kindergartens.

This is reported by Sotsportal with reference to the Department of Education and Science of the city of Kiev.

Resumption of pre-school education institutions in Kiev is carried out gradually, subject to available and properly equipped shelter and taking into account its capacity (places in the shelter should be provided for both children and employees). In some cases, the number of places in the shelters of functioning preschool education institutions is less than the capacity of the kindergarten. Such kindergartens can only take as many children as can be provided with places in the shelters. However, parents can choose other pre-school education institutions p

Most attention is given to older groups of pre-school age.

We draw attention to the fact that the Law of Ukraine 'On Preschool Education' makes preschool education compulsory for children of older preschool age. Therefore, the work of groups for children of 5-6 years of age is a priority," the reply to the appeal said.

KCSA confirms that in September the requirement for both parents to provide a certificate of employment was abolished.

onSeptember 1, 2022, the decision of the City Council of Kiev abolished the norm of enrollment of children in communal pre-school education institutions with a certificate of employment for both parents. Enrollment in pre-school education institutions takes place in accordance with the requirements of the Regulations of the institution of pre-school education at the request of a parent with a copy of the birth certificate and a medical certificate of the child. These documents are provided to the institution of pre-school education after the birth of a child

Are Kyiv kindergartens paid for IDPs

The Department of Education of Kiev City State Administration reported that children, whose parents are not registered in Kiev and do not belong to the privileged categories, must pay a monthly fee to attend kindergarten.

On the implementation of paragraph 3.7. decision of the Kyiv City Council on September 13, 2018 1369/5433 "On approval of the order of expenditure on pre-school education in Kiev on the basis of the basic financial standard of budgetary capacity" in municipal institutions of pre-school education established a monthly fee for the provision of educational services to children not registered in Kiev (except children internally displaced persons and children ATO participants) at the rate of the basic financial standard of budgetary capacity, which

Otherwise the fee in 2022 is 4,548 UAH.

Is it possible to enroll a child in a Kyiv kindergarten under martial law?
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How kindergartens in Kyiv work under martial law

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