Experts predict how long the war between Russia and Ukraine can last

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Experts predicted the timing of the end of the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine
12:20, 23.07.2022

Fitch Ratings predicts a protracted war in Ukraine

It is not worth expecting an early end to the military conflict on the territory of Ukraine. The international agency Fitch Ratings believes that none of the parties now has an advantage, and therefore it makes no sense to talk about any terms. This is stated on the website of the agency.

Its experts are confident that the military conflict will continue next year, and its political settlement will fail.

They noted that the Ukrainian side does not intend to cede its territories. At the same time, experts emphasized that the Ukrainians themselves, and not the authorities, do not want to give in to the occupier.

Speaking about Russia, the agency said that the Kremlin will continue its occupation policy and try to take as much territory from the neighboring state as possible.

It is unclear whether either side will have sufficient military superiority to achieve goals, which could lead to a protracted conflict, the agency predicts.

They also noted that the debilitating nature of Russian military tactics, which includes the widespread destruction of physical infrastructure, leads to huge economic and human losses.

It should be noted that the international agency Fitch Ratings predicts a contraction of the Ukrainian economy by 33% in 2022. A slight recovery of 4% is expected in 2023. Fitch predicts that recovery will be slow due to the war, which limits access to seaports and prevents any large-scale reconstruction from starting.

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