A man almost raped a girl in a Kyiv subway car

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In Kyiv, a man harassed a girl right in the subway car
Kyiv National Police/Facebook

The police officer responded to female screams on the metro platform at the Teatralnaya station and came to the aid of the victim.

An unknown man, while in a subway car, where two young girls were sitting next to him, began to commit sexual acts against one of them. Frightened, the girlfriends began to scream loudly. This was reported in the police of the Kiev region.

The girls pointed out to the policeman the man who was still in the car.

The victim reported that an unfamiliar man in the car unbuttoned her dress and began to commit obscene acts. When she started screaming and crying, he hit her in the stomach and told her to keep quiet, the policeman said.

The suspect resisted during the arrest and later tried to escape by pushing the law enforcement officer down the escalator stairs.

We thank the police officer for the prompt response and indifference. We urge citizens to be attentive, call for help in case of danger and immediately report suspicious persons," the Kyiv region police stressed.

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