Pro-Russian protests continue in Moldova

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Pro-Russian protesters in Moldova scuffle with police

Law enforcers prevented several buses carrying protesters from entering the Moldovan capital.

The protesters, dissatisfied with the country's European course of development, are demanding the resignation of President Maia Sandu. These protests are organised by pro-Russian forces, the Shor party, whose leaders are known for their support for the Putin regime.

There have already been several clashes between protesters and police in Chisinau.

The protests have been going on for several weeks. The Shor party plans to put Moldova back on a course of rapprochement with Moscow. The organiser of the rallies is 35-year-old politician Ilan Shor, who now lives in Israel.

Ilan Shor repeatedly spoke to protesters via video link. In his statements, the politician accused the incumbent government and President Maia Sandu of having "quarrelled" with Moscow and therefore not receiving cheap Putin's gas.

The Washington Post, quoting high-ranking officials, claimed that Shorovtsy was actively cooperating with the FSB and that the party was also allegedly being advised by Russian political technologists.

In early February, Maia Sandu accused Russia of trying to interfere in Moldova's internal affairs.

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