In Kaliningrad, they trained to "destroy" enemy aircraft

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Russian Su-27 repelled "raid" on the Kaliningrad region
US Air National Guard / Tech. Sgt. Charles Vaughn
13:20, 15.05.2022

As part of the training, the crews worked out the accelerated preparation of fighters for departure.

Russia held military exercises in its Kaliningrad exclave, located between Poland and Lithuania. This was reported by the press service of the Western Military District for the Baltic Fleet.

It is noted that Russian Su-27 fighters took part in military exercises simulating an enemy air strike on Kaliningrad.

Su-27 fighters of the naval aviation of the Baltic Fleet conducted a training session to intercept aircraft of a mock enemy, which, according to legend, intended to bomb strategic targets in the Kaliningrad region, the press service of the Baltic Fleet reported.

More than 10 Su-27 crews were involved in the exercises.

The flights were carried out both during the day and at night, the press service added.

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