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Ukraine sends grain to Europe by train

Sea ports are blocked and Ukraine is looking for new ways of delivery.

Traders have made the first shipments of Ukrainian corn to Europe by train as Ukraine's seaports remain blocked due to Russia's invasion. This was reported by the APK-Inform agency, which specializes in agricultural issues, writes Reuters .

Ukraine stressed that the country, which still has significant amounts of grain in warehouses, could start exporting it by train across the western border.

The first batches of several thousand tons of corn have already been exported through the western land border of Ukraine, APK-Inform said.

At the same time, it is noted that difficulties with logistics persist, and supply still prevails over demand.

Ukrainian transport authorities have stated that up to 600,000 tons of grain per month can be exported by train from Ukraine to Europe.

Ukraine is a major global producer and exporter of grain, and almost all exports traditionally come from the Black Sea ports. Monthly grain exports before the war exceeded 5 million tons.

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