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Technologists told why plastic bottles can become your home

Startupers offer to rethink the word "garbage" and make a house out of it.

Startup Azure Printed Homes undertook to solve the problem of affordable housing in one of the most densely populated states in America - California. Technologists have proposed printing studio houses on a printer, using recycled plastic bottles and other plastic garbage as the basis for a residential box. Fast Company reports the new ideas written by Fast Company.

Azure Printed Homes reportedly uses 3D printers that print modular shells from recycled plastic in three days. It takes about 100,000 ordinary plastic bottles to make one house, and such housing costs $40,000.

A similar-sized cottage in Los Angeles costs at least $150,000, emphasizes Fast Company.

The company is confident that their idea, if not priceless, is highly favorable for wallets and the environment since houses are built from garbage that would have to be disposed of and often not without harm to the environment.

Speaking about printing technology, Azure Printed Homes said that on the first day, the printer prints a modular home shell - a single block that includes a floor, a roof, and two walls. At this stage, all the customer's wishes about the house's shape are considered. It can be square or rectangular and have a trapezoidal shape.

The second day is spent on communications at home: electrical wiring, sewerage, etc., and windows and doors are being made. Next, the foundation is prepared, and after that, the installation of the house takes place. According to representatives of startups, it takes only a few hours.

The most affordable Azure house, presented as a studio apartment with a small kitchen and bathroom, now costs $39.9 thousand.

This amount does not include foundation, delivery, connection to engineering networks, and other expenses. With them, the final cost of the house grows by 25-30%, the authors of the project warn.

The company reports that they have already received a large order for such houses and are now busy manufacturing and installing them in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

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