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Spain offers to train 2,400 Ukrainian military personnel annually
19:15, 16.11.2022

Spain is now training 112 Ukrainian soldiers.

This was reported by Euractiv, citing Spanish Defence Minister Margarita Robles.

Robles stated:

We are making a proposal to train a total of 400 soldiers every two months. I would like to say that the capacity that we have is about 2,400 soldiers a year. This is the proposal, the total capacity that we have.

The Minister also added that the Spanish military academy in Toledo has been adapted so that Ukrainian soldiers can have proper living conditions to perform their training tasks.

The budget of the Ukrainian military training mission will be 106.7m euros. The headquarters will be located in Brussels. Locating the headquarters in Brussels will allow EU countries to reinforce and complement the training already conducted by countries such as Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and other international partners.

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Oleg Kotov

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