Ukrainian ambassador's house at the Vatican smeared with faeces

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Unknown men smear faeces on Ukrainian diplomat's house

A number of Ukrainian diplomats have been victims of intimidation.

Unknown vandals have broken into the home of Ukrainian ambassador to the Vatican Andriy Yurash and smeared the front door to his house, stairs and walls with excrement, Ansa.It has reported. The ambassador said that he roughly knows who did it

We don't know who physically vandalised it, but we can imagine who ordered the whole thing

Asked if the Kremlin was the suspect, the ambassador said: "I think so, directly or indirectly, this is a coordinated campaign and there are about ten similar episodes that have taken place in Europe."

He said that security measures for Ukrainian diplomatic missions will be strengthened.

Ukrainian diplomatic institutions around the world have been subjected to acts of terror and intimidation in recent days, which Kiev suspects Russia is involved in. Unidentified persons have sent blood-stained parcels with animal eyes to Ukrainian embassies and consulates in five European countries. It is known that our embassies in Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, Italy, the consulates general in Naples (Italy) and Krakow (Poland), and the consulate in Brno (Czech Republic) received such messages. The embassy in Kazakhstan received a message about mini

The Ukrainian side is cooperating with foreign law enforcers to investigate all cases of threats and bring those involved to justice.

Diplomatic terror continues: Ukrainian consulates in various countries receive bloody parcels

Ukrainian embassies in different countries sent envelopes with animal eyes

13:30, 02.12.22
Artur Zayonts
Artur Zayonts
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