Zelensky calls Lukashenko's statements about Ukraine a dangerous signal

Zelensky considers Lukashenko's statement about war against Ukraine dangerous
Читати українською

Alexander Lukashenko's statements about Belarus' participation in the Russian war against Ukraine is a dangerous signal.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said this at a press conference in Kiev after a meeting with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albaniz.

The President recalled that Ukraine was being fired with missiles from the territory of Belarus, although Lukashenka had repeatedly given signals, including to the Belarusian society that supports Ukraine, that these missiles were fired without his will.

It seems to me that this is dangerous, first of all, for the friendly Belarusian people, for our neighbors - Belarusians. He must not drag Belarus into Russia's war of conquest against Ukraine and the violation of all international treaties and international law in general,” the president emphasized.

As you know, on July 3, during a speech on the occasion of the Independence Day of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko said the following:

We are the only country that supports the Russians in this struggle... We have long ago created a single grouping of the Armed Forces in the union of Belarus and Russia... In fact, a single army. You knew all this, so why are you reproaching us today? We have been and will be together with fraternal Russia. Our participation in the "special operation" was determined by me long ago.

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