Troops of South Ossetia refused to fight in Ukraine - media

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South Ossetian troops refused to fight in Ukraine - media
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The South Ossetian troops of the 4th military base of the Russian Armed Forces, who refused to go to fight for the Russian Federation against Ukraine, returned home on March 30.

According to Mediazona , the scandal arose after the soldiers were sent to Ukraine "completely without anything, empty, and people bought bulletproof vests and other things for them with their own money."

This is not cannon fodder, there are so few of us. We have practically lost the gene pool, - said the "ex-president" of South Ossetia, occupied by Russia in Georgia, Eduard Kokoity.

According to the source of the publication, the problem arose when one of the soldiers exploded on a mine, after which their general forbade them to take the body, while ordering the empty coffin to be sent back.

The guys got angry. They wanted to kill him there. And he has 10-12 guards... They led us to death. We’ll come and talk with people, and we can even go out to the square - say that we were led to certain death, - the publication refers to an audio recording, where supposedly one of the soldiers describes what happened in Ossetian.

The Georgian Twitter account OSINT Visioner posted a photo showing several dozen soldiers standing along the highway in Russian uniforms with duffel bags. According to South Ossetian telegram channels, they literally returned home on foot.


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