In the temporarily occupied Yenakiyevo, the work of the plant was stopped due to mobilization

In the temporarily occupied Yenakiyevo, a metallurgical plant suspended work due to the mobilization of its workers
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Yenakiyevo metallurgical plant stops working due to the mobilization of workers.

Due to the inability to fully function due to the mobilization of the male population, production at the plant in the temporarily occupied Yenakiyevo was temporarily suspended. This was reported by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

“The authorities of the so-called. The “DPR” canceled the previously issued documents on deferment/exemption from mobilization. In this regard, it is planned to "mobilize" from 200 to 500 employees of the Enakievo metallurgical plant. Due to a shortage of personnel, production at the plant is “temporarily suspended,” the GUR said in a statement.

The GUR also reports that the invaders set up a training camp for convicts from Russia at the training ground near the temporarily occupied Torez. Currently, the delivery to the camp of personnel is underway.

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