Valeriy Zaluzhniy inherited $1m. He gave all the funds to the AFU

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Valeriy Zaluzhniy inherits $1m

Zaluzhny received his inheritance from Ukrainian-born American Grigory Stepants.

This was reported by The New York Times, citing Stepantsov's family.

Hryhoriy Stepantsov is a Ukrainian who emigrated to the USA in 1989. Stepantsov supported the dissident movement in the USSR and was persecuted by the KGB.

In January, the general donated the entire amount received to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the press service of the Ukrainian Armed Forces confirms.

"Ukrayinska Pravda received an answer to an enquiry to the Armed Forces of Ukraine asking them to comment on this information:

General Zaluzhniy sent the money in full to a special account of the National Bank of Ukraine to raise funds for the army, which is confirmed by the bank's SWIFT message dated 5 January 2023.

Valeriy Zaluzhniy also commented on the situation:

I have given my whole life to the Armed Forces. And I had not the slightest doubt what I should do with my inheritance. Mr. Hryhoriy's last will was obviously to support the Ukrainian army in my person. I am grateful to everyone who helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And I am grateful to my family for understanding.

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