Expert reveals how many Wagnerians have been liquidated at the front

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18:00, 12.03.2023

Russian mercenaries from the Wagner PMC have been thrown in to capture Bakhmut.

Little remains of Yevgeny Prigozhin's private army. Of the 45,000 mercenaries who were thrown to the front, around seven thousand are now alive. The rest were killed, wounded or captured by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This was stated by major of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reserve, military expert Oleksiy Hetman in an interview to Channel 24.

He noted that the majority of the PMC fighters were "lost" near Bakhmut and Soledar. The expert added that very soon there will be practically nothing left of the convicts hired by Prigozhin. They will be killed by Ukrainian defenders.

Now there are 7 thousand out of 45. It is no longer possible to consider the Wagner PMC a powerful group. It exists de jure, but de facto it is no longer a serious military unit, because there are very few of them left," the military expert said.

Hetman said that Prigozhin understands the pitifulness of the situation. In addition, he has had a public conflict with the Russian army command.

Prigozhin tried to show what a successful warrior he is and seize everything. He "captured Soledar" five times and reported on it. In the end Putin preferred the regular units - Shoigu and Gerasimov," Hetman noted.

At present, Prigozhin is actively pushing statements in the media that he says he cannot contact either the military or the political leadership, complaining that the mercenaries need equipment, shells and ammunition and accusing the military leadership of Russia of "just ditching them".

Hetman stressed that Prigozhin did not do this because he was concerned about the soldiers. He needs publicity, as he is thinking of making a political career.

Prigozhin started his political career because his military one failed. He could not become the leader of the Russian army. 7,000 Wagnerians will be his fighting reserve for political action inside Russia," says Getman.

"The Wagnerians have managed to capture the eastern part of Bakhmut

Wagner PMC group seizes part of Bakhmut

10:00, 11.03.23
Elena Rasenko
Elena Rasenko
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