The Pentagon said that Kyiv is not the target of the Russian Federation

The Pentagon called the real goal of Russia in Ukraine
Читати українською

Moscow may limit its targets in the face of heroic Ukrainian resistance.

Russia, which cynically attacked Ukraine on the night of February 24 and is now terrorizing the civilian population of our country, focused mainly on military operations in the Donbas, and not near Kyiv, the Pentagon, USA noted. Thus, according to American experts, the occupiers want to cut off Ukrainian forces in the east from the rest of the country, trying to create leverage in the negotiations, writes Reuters .

They recalled that Russia said on Friday that the first stage of its military operation is largely completed, and it will focus on the complete "liberation" of Donbass, part of which is already under Russian occupation.

The announcement indicates that Moscow may be moving towards more limited targets after running into Ukrainian resistance during the month of the war.

The Pentagon also noted that Russian forces are becoming more aggressive in the Donbass.

As for Kyiv, then, according to representatives of the US defense department, the invaders "occupy defensive positions." Moreover, Ukrainian forces are gradually making progress in offensives against Russian troops around Chernihiv.

Recall, on Friday, March 25, the head of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Federation, Sergei Rudsky, said that 1,351 Russian soldiers were killed and 3,825 were injured during the operation. The Ukrainian military reported that about 15,000 Russian soldiers were killed in the fighting.

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