In Mariupol people are dying of cold

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The city is dying of cold. How Mariupol lives under occupation

Occupiers keep Mariupol residents in the cold. People are dying.

This was reported by the Andryushchenko Time Telegram channel.

Adviser to Mariupol mayor Petro Andryushchenko informs that the situation with heating in the occupied city is difficult. People are freezing in their homes.

Last week alone, 764 cases of acute respiratory infections and 82 cases of pneumonia were registered in Mariupol, including 495 cases of acute respiratory infections in children and 21 cases of pneumonia," the report said.

It is reported that compared to the first half of November, the increase was 91%.

Russians are wiping out Mariupol residents with a cold snap.

The average weekly death toll from natural causes has reached 250 cases, 100 more than in October, or an increase of 1.7 times in the last two weeks alone," the report said.

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