Ukrainian soldier beaten by hotel security guard in Germany

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19:00, 12.03.2023

The guard did not like the fact that the Ukrainian was in an AFU uniform.

A Ukrainian serviceman who came for rehabilitation in Germany was beaten by a hotel bar security guard in the city of Frankfurt am Main. The case was reported in the Ukrainians in Frankfurt am Main group on Facebook.

The report said that the guard who attacked the Ukrainian was allegedly a Chechen and that he did not like the fact that the Ukrainian entered the bar wearing a military uniform.

It is specified that the conflict took place in the Roomers hotel.

The Ukrainian consul-general in Germany, Vadym Kostyuk, confirmed the incident and said that it happened on Friday evening, 10 March.

According to him, the conflict started after the bar staff commented on the inappropriateness of the Ukrainian soldier's clothes.

The verbal altercation turned into a fight. As a result, the Ukrainian soldier went to hospital with a fractured jaw and concussion.

Vadym Kostyuk assured that the consulate will provide the victim with all necessary assistance.

The consul general added that in Germany it is necessary to obtain a special permit in order to wear the military uniform outside of the service.

Foreigners are allowed to wear the uniform during joint exercises, internships and other cases stipulated by a separate bilateral agreement. Ukraine has not concluded such an agreement," he explained.

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