It became known from which countries the observers came to the referendums of the occupiers

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From which countries did the observers come to the referenda of the occupiers

The Ministry of Reintegration of Ukraine listed 8 countries that provided their observers for the occupiers' referendums.

All competent authorities and international partners of Ukraine have already been provided lists with the names of the arrived observers. The Ministry reported thisreported by the Ministry for the Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine on its website.

The occupying Russian authorities are making serious attempts at any cost to hold their pseudo-referendums in the temporarily occupied territories. And he insists that they will be transparent and legitimate. For this, she even called foreign observers, - the Ministry of Reintegration reported.

The Ministry of Reintegration stressed that the observers who arrived at the pseudo-referenda were participating in a collective crime against the sovereign independent state of Ukraine.

These are representatives of Russia, Belarus, Syria, Egypt, Brazil, Venezuela, Uruguay, Togo, and South Africa, the Ministry of Reintegration said.

In addition to the list of names of all participants in the crime, the Ukrainian authorities also have at their disposal the exact addresses of all polling stations where pseudo-referendums are held, the number of pseudo-voters attached to them, detailed routes along which the invaders are going to ply to collect votes, even the numbers of their cars and the data of drivers.

We appeal to foreigners: all who dare to indulge criminals become criminals themselves! You can't escape responsibility! - summed up in the Ministry of Reintegration.

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