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Kherson under fire again. Russians are hitting residential areas
15:30, 29.01.2023

The Health Ministry said that invaders shelled a clinical hospital in Kherson, injuring a nurse.

Kherson is again under massive Russian artillery fire. The regional administration reports that the enemy is firing at residential areas of the city. Many casualties are known at the moment: wounded and dead, but exact figures are not yet available.

On the afternoon of 29 January at around 14:00, an air-raid alarm sounded in Kherson and the region. At the same time, loud explosions in the regional centre were reported in local publicity boards.

According to the Ministry of Health on Facebook, the regional clinical hospital in Kherson was shelled. A nurse was injured.

There was also a power outage in the city.

It should be noted that local Telegram channels today repeatedly reported explosions in Kherson, with the network reporting that the Russians were shelling from MLRS.

Occupiers shell Kherson maternity hospital, school and clinic

Occupiers shell maternity hospital, school and clinic in Kherson

23:00, 24.01.23
Oleg Kotov
Oleg Kotov
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