Stretch marks in women: Komarovsky told how to get rid

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Stretch marks in pregnancy. Prevention and treatment

Dr. Komarovsky spoke about the prevention of stretch marks in pregnant women.

He posted the video on his YouTube channel.

Many mothers-to-be experience stretch marks on their abdomen, breasts, and thighs.

The reasons

Stretch marks are narrow stripes on the skin of different lengths and widths, appearing in places of greatest stretching of the skin. They are also called "streaks".

They occur due to rupture of tissues under the skin as a result of rapid growth or excessive stretching, the doctor explains.

Stretch marks occur when collagen and elastin fibers rupture.

Stretch marks can occur not only in pregnant women, but also in athletes who exercise and teenagers who are growing rapidly.


Creams are often advertised to prevent stretch marks. The doctor emphasizes that whether or not stretch marks appear does not depend on what a person smears with, but on genetics.

Retinoids are categorically contraindicated during pregnancy. they negatively affect the fetus. Therefore, before smearing something with something, find out if the remedy belongs to retinoids.

But the usual moisturizer certainly will not harm expectant mothers. Here it is recommended to use Dr. Komarovsky. Ideally, take a dip, apply moisturizer to your belly, and wear a cotton T-shirt.


It is impossible to completely get rid of stretch marks with the help of creams or tablets. They can be lightened up. But over time, they will become paler. Therefore, it is impossible to understand from what they became less bright (from the time that has passed or from cosmetic preparations).

But there are drugs that supposedly can get rid of stretch marks. They are based on hyaluronic acid, centella herb and tretinoin (this is a retinoid. Therefore, it cannot be used during pregnancy).

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