Bridge blown up by occupiers restored in Kyiv region

In the Kyiv region restored the bridge over the river Zdvizh
Читати українською

The bridge is located on the Zdvizh River, between Andreevka and Krasnaya Gorka.

The Russian army destroyed it when it hastily retreated in March. This was announced by the head of the Kiev Regional Military Administration Oleksiy Kuleba in his Telegram channel.

In the Kyiv region between the settlements of Andreevka and Krasnaya Gorka, a bridge was repaired across the Zdvizh River. Earlier, the invaders blew it up when they fled from the Kyiv region, - Kuleba wrote.

Oleksiy Kuleba said that since Monday, September 19, the bridge has been fully operational, that is, cars and trucks can move along it.

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