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What financial support can Ukrainian refugees receive in Poland

About 2.5 million Ukrainians have already arrived in Poland.

Ukrainians who left for Poland after February 24, 2022 can receive financial assistance from a neighboring state. To do this, they need to open a bank account.

In particular, Natalia Radchenko, partner of the Legal House law firm, head of the legal department at Legal House Poland, noted during an online webinar that it is now quite simple to do this - only a passport is enough to open an account.

Radchenko said that people who have received a PESEL (a national identification number used in Poland since 1979) with a UKR mark are entitled to receive 300 zlotys - this is a one-time social assistance. In order to receive the payment, you need to contact the department of the social security authority of the commune at the place of residence.

That is, when you receive PESEL, you are not automatically credited with these 300 zlotys, but you need to separately contact the relevant authority and submit an application,” said Radchenko.

She noted that in order to receive funds for a child under the 500+ program, it is worth filling out one more form.

The 500+ program was in operation even before the war. It provides for payment of PLN 500 per child per month. And there is also the program “Family Care Capital” – for single parents who raise a child on their own – only the father or mother. There you can apply for benefits up to PLN 12,000. And the guardian applying for this assistance simply chooses the form of payment - 500 zł monthly for 24 months or 1,000 zł for 12 months.

In principle, all Ukrainians who applied for PESEL and received it marked UKR are also eligible for this assistance,” the specialist said.

Thus, since February 24, when the full-scale criminal invasion of Russian troops into the territory of Ukraine began, more than 2.5 million refugees crossed the border with Poland. Despite such an influx, the country is ready to continue receiving our citizens.

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