Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev insulted the German Foreign Minister

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Medvedev's posts about Ukraine no longer surprise anyone, but in the last one he particularly distinguished himself
Photo: Kommersant

Ukraine's rejection of Russia's proposed "Christmas truce" was commented on by Dmitry Medvedev.

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev insulted the German Foreign Minister

Former Russian President and current Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev called German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock an "illiterate grandmother" and a "Nazi heiress" for criticising Putin's "Christmas truce".

Annalena Berbok said:

If Putin wanted peace, he would have taken his soldiers home and the war would have ended. But apparently he wants to continue the war after a short break.

How the world reacted to Putin's 'Christmas truce'

US President Joe Biden:

i don't want to respond to what Putin says. Interesting that he was willing to bomb hospitals, kindergartens and churches... December 25 and on New Year's Day... I think he is trying to take a break.

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley:

a 36-hour pause in Russian attacks will do nothing to improve the prospects for peace. Russia must withdraw its troops for good, give up its illegal control of Ukrainian territory and stop its barbaric attacks on innocent civilians.

UN Secretary-General Guterres said he would welcome any truce in Ukraine during Orthodox Christmas, "knowing that it is no substitute for a just peace under the UN Charter and international law".

putin's "Christmas truce" is an attempt to damage Ukraine's reputation - ISW

Russian President Vladimir Putin's statement that the Russian Armed Forces will adhere to a ceasefire on Orthodox Christmas may be an information operation. Its aim is to damage Ukraine's reputation, the US Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reports.

Analysts believe Putin wants a pause for his troops to allow them to rest, recuperate and refocus to resume the offensive in critical parts of the front.

Such a pause would inordinately benefit Russian troops and begin to rob Ukraine of the initiative. Putin has called for a ceasefire to portray Ukraine as intransigent and reluctant to take the necessary steps to negotiate, ISW noted.

Why Russia's "Christmas peace" is another PR move and deception by the occupiers The Centre for Strategic Communications explains

  • the Russian "peace" initiative is nothing more than a PR stunt to make a good impression on external audiences.
  • if Moscow sincerely wanted a "Christmas truce", it would have put forward its initiative in advance, not one day before the announced start.
  • putin's instruction to Shoygu should not be taken seriously. This all happened already when the storming and shelling of Azovstal continued even after a similar public instruction to stop attacks on the Mariupol garrison.
  • the Russian invasion forces in Ukraine are no longer a single disciplined and centrally controlled organism, and therefore no one can give guarantees that Shoigu's order will be carried out. Any decision by the Russian General Staff and MoD can be considered non-binding by the Prigozhin and Kadyrov gangs and others.
  • the appeal for Christmas on January 6-7 is a deliberate provocation by the Russian Orthodox Church, which opposes Ukrainian Orthodoxy and its move to move the celebration of this Christian holiday to December 25.

Ukraine's reaction to Putin's "Christmas truce"

The NSDC also reacted to the Russians' claims of a "Christmas truce"

"What does a pack of petty Kremlin devils-ibles have to do with the Christian holiday of Christmas? Who will believe the abomination that kills children, shells maternity homes, tortures prisoners? The ceasefire? Lies and hypocrisy. We will gnaw you in the singing silence of Ukrainian night," NSBO Secretary Alexei Danilov tweeted.

"A temporary truce with Russia will start only when it leaves all the territories it occupies. First. Ukraine does not attack someone else's territory and does not kill civilians as rf does. Ukraine destroys only members of the occupation army on its territory... Second. rf must leave the occupied territories - only then will it start a "temporary truce". Keep your hypocrisy...," the adviser to the OP chairman Mikhail Podolyak wrote in a tweet.

President Vladimir Zelensky addressed Russians on Christmas Eve

on 15 November, the Ukrainian peace formula was presented. One of its clauses provides for the withdrawal of Russian occupation troops from our territory. This is a guaranteed and reliable way to end the fire, the human losses and the war in general. As of the morning of the same day, the number of Russian soldiers killed was 82,000.

on December 12th Russia received a proposal to begin implementation of the peace formula with the withdrawal of occupation troops on Christmas Day. As of that very day the number of killed Russian soldiers was almost 95 thousand. Both of our proposals, apparently, were not heard by the leaders of your country. As of today you have already lost almost 110 thousand soldiers in this war.

Those who continued the terror against our country and sent all those people of yours to the slaughter, refusing our proposals to stop the Russian aggression, certainly do not value life and they certainly do not seek peace. Now they want to use Christmas as a cover to stop our guys' advance in Donbass even for a while and to bring equipment, ammunition and mobilized men closer to our positions. What will this achieve? Only another increase in the casualty count.

Everyone in the world knows how the Kremlin uses breaks in the war to continue the war with renewed vigour. And to end the war faster, we need something else entirely. We need Russian citizens to find the courage to free themselves of their shameful fear of one man in the Kremlin for at least 36 hours over Christmas. Your fear of him destroys your country, which is deep too... but not in a bunker.

To end the war is to end your state's aggression. Even when your missiles and drones are not hitting our cities, terror in the occupied territories continues. You give no respite to Ukrainians. People are tortured, electrocuted, raped. This continues every day while your soldiers are on our soil. And the war will end when your soldiers either leave or we throw them out. So let them take their toilets - they will need them on the way - and return to theirs. Over our border, from 1991.

To recap, on January 5, the website of the Russian Orthodox Church published a piece calling on the head of the Russian Orthodox Church to "all sides involved in the internecine conflict" to cease fire and establish a "Christmas truce" on January 6-7. Later, Putin instructed Shoygu to introduce a ceasefire along the entire line of contact.

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