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How to properly turn off your laptop

It is not recommended to simply close the lid of the laptop without turning it off.

When the lid is closed, the laptop goes into sleep mode: it consumes a minimum of energy and retains all the necessary functions, but the device continues to work, which can slow down and freeze.

The best way to shut down a laptop is to use the system-provided method, that is, go to the "Start" menu, then select "Power" and "Turn off".

In addition, you can always customize the actions that occur when you close the laptop lid.

On Windows example:

  • in the search bar, enter "control panel";
  • select "Hardware and Sound" and then "Power Options".
  • a new list will appear on the left, select the item "Select the action that follows the closing of the lid".
  • select "Off" for both power modes.

These settings will always turn off the laptop when the lid is closed.

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