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In Kharkiv from May 16 start the movement of buses

From May 16, for the first time since the beginning of the war, the movement of city buses has been launched in Kharkov.

As reported on the Facebook page of the Kharkiv City Council, buses will run on 24 routes:

  • No. 11. Grigorovskoe highway (Grigorievsky pine forest) - Saltovskoe highway (medical complex);
  • No. 16e. Bus station "Industrialnaya" - st. Zubarev;
  • No. 20e. Maidan of the Constitution No. 11 - lane. Balakirev;
  • No. 28e. st. Sveta - Mr. Constitution;
  • No. 33e. Mr. Constitution - st. Astronomical (military camp);
  • No. 40e. st. Chebotarskaya (metro station "Central market") - st. Berkosa, 7 (Plant of ceramic pipes);
  • No. 68e. st. Dairy - military unit "Likvo";
  • No. 75e. Ave. Dzyuby - st. Chebotarskaya (metro station "Central Market");
  • No. 78e. Mr. Constitution - st. Victory;
  • No. 102e. Art. "Osnova" - Ave. Alexandrovsky (KhTZ market);
  • No. 107e. Art. "Osnova" - st. Vladislav Zubenko;
  • No. 119. Airport - st. Victory;
  • No. 147e. Gritsevts Boulevard - st. Universitetskaya (circle of a trolleybus);
  • No. 204e. st. Sveta - bus station "Industrialnaya";
  • No. 209e. st. Bugrimenko (village Lednoye) - st. Chebotarskaya (metro station "Central Market");
  • No. 221e. Ave. Victory - Central Market;
  • No. 232e. st. Molochnaya (Horse market) - ave. Dziuba;
  • No. 249e. st. Amosova (medical complex) - m-on the Constitution;
  • No. 258e. st. Zolochevskaya - st. Moskalevskaya (village Novoselovka);
  • No. 260e. Art. "Osnova" - DK KHEMZ;
  • No. 263e. Ave. Yubileiny (602 m / s) - st. Klochkovskaya;
  • No. 270e. Ave. Glory (Zalyutino) - art. m. "Derzhprom";
  • No. 272e. st. Svetlaya (533 m / d) - m-n Constitution;
  • No. 304e. Art. Rogan - Mr. Sergeevsky.


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